St. Jude's Anglican Church (REC)

St Jude's Anglican Church Welcomes You!

Our Mission

We are historically and theologically traditional Anglicans, worshiping Christ while evangelizing and serving our community. We do this because we love Him Who first loved us, and therefore love each other. We strive to walk in the Holy Spirit, as the power of that same Spirit enables us, and as the Word of God given by that same Spirit commands us to do. Our mission is to provide what the Bible says people need:

·         Reverent worship in awe of a Holy God (Is. 6:1-8; Rev. 4:10).

·         Biblical preaching & orthodox theology (Mt. 28:18-20; Lk. 24:46-49).

·         Strong Sunday school & Bible study programs (2 Tim 3:14-17).

·         Individual shepherding & support (Jn. 21:15-17; Acts 20:28-30).

What to Expect

Our form of worship reflects the Church's wisdom and experience over the centuries of her existence. As we do so, we participate in the worship of our holy God with millions of other saints across space and time. We follow the Book of Common Prayer during our corporate worship, which contains prayers, creeds, readings, and services that have been an essential part of Christian life over the millennia and continue to be relevant today. We also sing from a hymnal that contains a great treasury of the Church's music by which we praise our Lord. And we always preach and teach the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Face of St. Jude's

We are blessed with a diverse congregation of all age groups. We have young people from elementary grades through college. We have young families and retired couples. We have single people. In short, we have a family in Christ, and enjoy each other in Him. We also have arrangements for visiting families who are more comfortable with care for younger saints during the service and/or sermon.

8102 Ridge Rd., Richmond, VA 23229